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This is a very good question, and a very good way to get humongous cash bonuses. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. One of these is Make it Rain, which rewards you with a day worth of income.

Tap Tycoon Game Tips And Tricks For You

The Investment Group is on the upper right hand side of the screen, in a building form. That is a rare possibility to express your self with the aid of these free methods. Mega Carrier Guide: Game Hive Corporation Genre: Which tech cards are most worth it? This Tap Tycoon Guide Tool will surely help you be an improved player in this great game.

Tap Tycoon – Beginner Guide

And also how do I earn more tech cards before entering a new prestige. It's annoying how I don't know anything about the war and it doesn't tell you how to prepare for it or what happens all it says is when the war starts so that's not so helpful! First off, the game interface. You have different skills in this game which you can upgrade, and from left to right, we shall be recapping them with you and giving you a brief explanation of what you can expect.


Every right time you reach a fresh experience level in the overall game, you will be rewarded with free Diamonds.

Then I report a glitch there and again it kicks me out. This signifies that you basically reset your complete progress in the overall game and begin from scratch. Especially if you have a mastery of two things; tech cards and tap tycoon prestige. The player tab is the red tab on the bottom of the screen with a human face.

D and do suggest some games for us to write on, or what to write on at the suggestions page. Install tap tycoon app on your device right now and learn new survival tips. How do I catch up with the older players? Bug Report Thread. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Prestiging, one of the most important component of the game to bring you further.

Tap Tycoon Cheats [Get Diamonds and Money] [HOT]

Flip Rush! Final Blade Guide: Submit a new text post. Soldiers and tech cards?