Navy blue blazer what color shirt

navy blue blazer what color shirt

Dust it off, replace any missing buttons, check for any old smells and then hang it at the front of your wardrobe.

When the weather is colder or you just want to spice your look up a bit, you can also look at pairing a blazer with a sweater. Sometimes wearing a suit every day can get a little bit tedious, feeling often like a school uniform and taking you back to the days where everyone had to look the same.

Men like to keep their style simple. Easy to style, easy to wear, your outfit will call for a slouchier shaped blazer in a more casual fabric. Wear with a tailored pair of shorts and old boat shoes to stop you from looking overdressed.

This is why every man should invest in a high-quality navy blue blazer. The trick it to invest in a blazer that's a lot darker, almost black, as to not completely throw the look off. Menual View all.

navy blue blazer what color shirt

Click here to learn the difference between blazers, sports jackets, and suits. Wear slim fitted as an added layer for those days when you're just not sure what the weather or temperature will be. If you are into men's style at all you will know that shoes can make or break your look. A navy blazer with grey trousers teamed with a pair of loafers or white trainers is a great look this season.

What to Wear with A Navy Blazer | Matching A Navy Blazer with Different Clothing

Add a jazzy tie and maybe a brightly coloured pair of socks and you'll be ready for your day, with a little added spring in your step. It's versatility will never cease to amaze you. Bonus points: Click here to discover how to wear a blazer jacket with jeans.

Contrasting buttons will add a subtle detail. It hangs there, willing you to take it out every time you get dressed, and yet somehow you just never choose it.

3 Ways to wear a navy blazer

Loading articles. You don't want to look scruffy, however, so have opted for your new navy blazer to keep your look fresh and interesting.

How to Wear a Navy Blazer

This is true when pairing with the navy blazer as well. Avoiding them altogether is recommended if you are wearing your navy blue blazer in a semi-formal setting. However ,with the rise of streetwear men's blazers been somewhat forgotten and possibly assigned to the depths of your wardrobe where your deepest darkest fashion faux pas hang out.

The functionality of a blazer knows no bounds.

navy blue blazer what color shirt

That way it'll be the first thing you see when you're getting dressed.