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The Nestene Consciousness is a disembodied being of pure psychic energy. Goldfinger The Actor: An imposing, flame-retardant strong man Working for S. Disquieting lunatic with an all-black wardrobe. His final fight with Bond is one of the great battles in the series: Professor RJ Dent.

He may be at the center of one of the worst Bond movies, but Villechaize makes it watchable.

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Then James Bond sleeps with his wife. For Your Eyes Only. Space-loving billionaire psycho Hugo Drax's entire scheme involves hanging out on a space station with a bunch of sexy people while chemical weapons kill everybody else on the planet. Hai Fat. Still, for an evil CEO who runs his own martial arts school, he's awfully forgettable. Everett McGill The Basics: Don Stroud The Basics: Brad Whitaker.

Obanno may not be the most complicated adversary, but he's scary and real and his throwdown with Bond is a doozy. A snake-wielding voodoo priest who meets the business end of Bond's revolver, Dambala is slightly racist and slightly creepy. Not much to see here.

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