How to unfriend someone on facebook android

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how to unfriend someone on facebook android

A Anonymous Jul 31, 2016. Open Facebook. You will see their comments as well.

how to unfriend someone on facebook android

Here's how to see who you're friends with, and how to quickly unfriend people. Co-Authored By:. Independent Programming.

how to unfriend someone on facebook android

You could also consider putting them in an "Acquaintances" category and only have your posts show up for those in the Friends category. Todd Haselton robotodd.

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

How can you tell if your spouse has a chat room or talking private with another friend. Tap Unfriend. They would be able to tell when checking their friends list, looking at your profile, etc. Unfriend those people, and then unfriend the friend.

How to see who your Facebook friends are, and how to unfriend them

You can do this in the Facebook mobile app as well as on the desktop site. Is this article up to date? It's a dark-blue app with a white "f" on it.

how to unfriend someone on facebook android

In this Article: When you block people completely, then they cannot see any posts, friends lists, and your comments that you post. If I block a friend, can they see that I blocked them?

Once you block them, you will no longer see their profile and they will no longer be able to see yours. Privacy Policy. If you would rather remain friends but stop seeing their posts, you can unfollow them instead. A better solution might be to Unfollow; that way their feeds won't show up on your wall.