How to install svn2git

Migrating from Subversion to Git with svn2git on Windows (the tricky bits explained)

We have moved our SVN project to Git. See svn2git documentation or run svn2git --help for full documentation on all of the available options. Passing —no-minimize-url will allow git svn to accept URLs as-is without attempting to connect to a higher level directory.

how to install svn2git

Git and SVN repositories are kept in sync; you can use either one. For convenience, assign this path to a variable: SubGit will keep this repository in sync with a remote SVN project.

Using svn2git to preserve tags & branches

Go get it from the Ruby Installer for Windows page and install the latest version with all the defaults — except this one:. Based on above analysis, svn2git tool seems a better choice to me than git svn clone native command.

how to install svn2git

GitLab Omnibus Runner. The next step for me is setting up a script maybe running via cron that will periodically update the git repo and re-sync the latest changes from SVN.

Switching an SVN repository to Git with KDE's Svn2Git

Our final step was to push the local repository to GitHub, and verify that our branches, tags, and commits were preserved. Go ahead and use your favourite Git client and check the commit history — look familiar?

how to install svn2git

Finally, if you get errors about branches not conforming to Git branch naming standards, you might need to convert spaces and other special characters to underscores. For convenience, assign this path to a variable:. Try DoneDone free for 30 days.

how to install svn2git

Sign up using Email and Password. After the initial translation is completed, the Git repository and the SVN project will be kept in sync by subgit - new Git commits will be translated to SVN revisions and new SVN revisions will be translated to Git commits. Email Required, but never shown. We have migrated SVN repository to Git using svn2git tool.

how to install svn2git

We recommend a hard cut over - run the migration command once and then have all developers start using the new GitLab repository immediately.