How to get tm24 in pokemon red

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Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green - All TM Locations

There are a few Cut trees that allow access to a few patches of grass and some items, but the ones i mentioned are the mandatory roadblocks which Gamefreak really loved putting into the Pokemon games till Gen 5.

Decapre Decapre 2 years ago 1 I could use it on pikachu, but Pikachu sucks in this game.

Dekadense Friend Safari Type: Route 24. Route 12. Celadon Dept. Introducing myself and giving something useful to you all.

Where the hell do I find TM24 (Thunderbolt) in FireRed ?

Anything works in-game, and there's no competitive scene to be found. Saffron City give Poke Doll to copycat girl. Log In Sign Up. TMs Unlock Last Edited: Power Plant.

how to get tm24 in pokemon red

Ground; Marowak, Wooper, Diggersby. Keep me logged in on this device. Oh and one in Pewter blocking your way to the Old Amber for Aerodactyl.

Decapre posted... There are no move deleters in this game, so don't waste it on Mr.

how to get tm24 in pokemon red

Route 25. Celadon City Gym.

how to get tm24 in pokemon red

Cerulean City Gym. Saffron City 's Mr. Don't have an account?

how to get tm24 in pokemon red

Silph Company Building. Dekadense Dekadense 2 years ago 6 Decapre posted...