How hard is second semester nursing school

Even if it's the Friday night after your test.

how hard is second semester nursing school

The summer before class started, I worked in a retail job simply to earn an income, but working retail had given much more: Stay strong, my fellow second-semester SNs. Copyright Notice: A man who is ashamed of Jesus or only loves Jesus on Sundays is not husband material.

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how hard is second semester nursing school

I just can't imagine being with someone who doesn't love God as much as I do. In addition, I had to pass a mid-curricular HESI exam that semester, which covered everything we had learned up that point. I found that out the hard way.

Lessons from My First Semester in Nursing School

I relieve my stress by meditating — if there is a break in my schedule, I take a 10 minute meditation session by closing my eyes, focusing on breathing and finding my quiet space. I'm not looking for a husband or a significant other right now, but I am praying for that special someone that God has planned for my life.


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'I will forever be grateful for the experience of failing nursing school'

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how hard is second semester nursing school

Bridgett Byrd August 3, 2013 at 3: Cover Image Credit: Demand supervision: Everyone has their own way of learning…. I don't want to end up settling for less-I know what I deserve and I know that God has a plan.