How does infinite reflection work sheet

I would definitely recommend a hardwood for the frame, as we will be adding on quite a few components and two HEAVY sheets of glass to get the desired reflective effect.

Its just as magical and beautiful! This activity can be done with glass mirrors, but we highly recommend using plastic acrylic mirror because it's much safer. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. I'm sure that brighter LEDs would extend the "tunnel" effect even more. Reply 2 years ago. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If the original object is closer to one mirror than the other, the distance between successive images will alternate from close together to far apart—making the images seem to be grouped in pairs, with a front side always facing a front side, or a back side always facing a back side.

Infinity LED Mirror

Depending on the angle you choose, you can see a number of unbroken reflections and one or more composite or partial reflections. Mirrors reflecting other mirrors A mirror reflects everything in front of it including another mirror.

Click image to enlarge. It's also not practical to make a hole in a glass mirror, but you can look over the top of one mirror to get the same effect.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

Hi How do i get one of these mirrors and how much are they??? If you place two mirrors at an angle, you increase the number of reflected images you can see.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

It also makes sense to attach your hangers for the mirror to the oak rails instead of the original frame. Using lengths of oak, I again glued and screwed them on the side of the frame.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

Light rays are reflecting from both the front of the object and from the back of the object. Objects with contrasting colors on the front and back such as red and white show this well.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

I Made It! From here, I measured around the interior dimensions of the frame to determine the length of LED strip I would need.


DustySeven7 4 years ago on Introduction. An even simpler handheld version uses pieces of sponge as spacers, with rubber bands holding the mirrors together. If you've ever been between two mirrors that face each other, such as in a barbershop or a beauty salon, you're familiar with the seemingly endless line of images fading into the distance.

The number of complete and partial reflections changes as you view the mirror from different angles.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

Tinkering Exhibit: As you look at the images formed in one of the mirrors, notice that there is an alternation of front and back views, that the images appear to be grouped in pairs, and that a front side is always facing a front side and a back side is always facing a back side. Search form. It was more of an experiment to see if I could make a huge one of these. How thick are the glasses?

Use a soft sponge—the cheap ones used for washing cars work well.