Doctor who torchwood timeline crossover ethernet

Definitive Linear DOCTOR WHO, TORCHWOOD, SARAH JANE Timeline

You're welcome to discuss your likes and dislikes with us in chat once you reach 20 reputation points. Where do Sarah Jane Adventures: The Nemonite Invasion audio story featuring Catherine Tate - The 10th Doctor and Donna descend from a rip in the sky, along with a strange crystalline sphere.

doctor who torchwood timeline crossover ethernet

How should I coordinate the viewing of both series? Torchwood 3 is later stationed at the Cardiff Rift. The void ship contained an army of Daleks, when the Daleks were awakened they went on to fight the Cybermen. The Doctor uses a Chameleon Arch to alter his mind and body into that of a human being.

doctor who torchwood timeline crossover ethernet

No copyright infringement is intended. On the main site, please keep in mind that we expect answers, not forum-style posts. The Glamour Chase DW novel - The 11th Doctor and his friends attempt to go to Rio de Janeiro and instead arrive at an archaeological dig in Shalford Heights that seems to have an alien presence.

Doctor Who Crossovers

June 2. This book will later be published publicly at least in part. TW marks Torchwood episodes. August 15. Torchwood doesn't suck. April 9.

doctor who torchwood timeline crossover ethernet

After that they are almost completely independent, barring a short cross-over post-Torchwood Season 3 in the last episode of the 2009 specials, The End of Time Pt 2. Related 30. This is also the year that UNIT was apparently formed.

doctor who torchwood timeline crossover ethernet

The cut-off points are the 19th century when Torchwood was formed and the 21st century. I've edited your post because it was in danger of being removed because the parts that answer the question were kind of buried underneath your personal appreciation of the series. Novels, audio plays and special programs are specifically explained. In his battle with the exiled 3rd Doctor, it is clear they have not seen each other for some time.

13 Doctor Who actors who played different characters in Torchwood

Hot Network Questions. Tooth and Claw was part of Doctor Who series two which aired in 2006. In exchange for his new freedom, the Doctor is still required to occasionally do a mission for the Time Lords black ops division, the Celestial Intervention Agency. During their imprisonment the Master revealed that he had sent the Torchwood team on a wild goose chase to the Himalayas. Work with me, people. He ends up in 1869 instead, his vortex manipulator now broken.

doctor who torchwood timeline crossover ethernet

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