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The researcher himself says: Alexander Street Press is an online video streaming platform with access to more than 34,000 video titles. Tel 01562 69028 or visit its website here.

All library activities enable people to meet and communicate.

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We know attempts are regularly made in this area, but a much stronger approach is needed. It is also to deny many exciting outlets, development opportunities and new audiences to arts bodies. Children, students, people on low incomes, older people, people with poor English and many other disadvantaged groups can, at the very least, sample a wide choice of books to help them discover what interests them. This is a digest of all news items in the press each day, compiled by national library campaigner, Shirley Burnham.

Subscribe to get the latest news and reviews and straight to your inbox. Toggle navigation. If you want to contact us, please use 0845 450 5946. Tel 0121 414 3832. A number of libraries have developed an outstanding role as venues for music performances.

Details here and in the Campaigner magazine being mailed out week beginning 24 September. This has not, so far, been the case. A page from our latest member magazine, reproduced here, along with links to other useful resources from Speak Up for Libraries, Voices for the Library and CILIP — the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, in the run up to the general election.

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Now we are starting to wonder. This has been lost. Renew Books.