Whose line brad party quirks examples


She has great reactions. You have all these guys who've been doing improv together for the last how many decades and all of a sudden you have this new voice in there. Post a comment! That's commitment right there! Her bit from this episode for "Things you can say about your furniture but not your partner" was the best one.

I was definitely in her detractors initially but she found her niche that allows her to shine as a host and a comedian. They've gotten better about it this season, but a lot of the celebrity guests have been from CW shows since the new version started. Also feel free to post clips from other Improv shows featuring the Whose Line cast. Since he wears a visor edit: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

I know there've been a few times throughout the show when they've taken purses, but that was just downright hilarious!

I love that she hops in for scenes from a hat and whatnot. He really was spot fucking on for those guesses. Submit a new text post. I've seen Ryan do that gazelle bit before and I'm sure Brad has seen it before as well. I have no idea how he got "gazelle" from what Ryan was doing.

Submit a new link. I also liked how he went back to that woman later on, just to borrow her sunglasses again for the Stevie Wonder impersonation. Brad's killer guesses cause host meltdown youtube. The whole episode was classic games with no bullshit interruptions and they all killed it. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.