Who is raven queens dad

Raven is not the first student to dislike where her story is taking her, but she is the only one in her class to take actions towards free will: And the year before.

Nor does she enjoy the prospect of the punishment that she, as a villain, is destined to. She does miss her mother, though. Start a Wiki. The destiny conflict often kept them at odds.

Raven Queen

But she met those dark eyes in the mirror, took a deep breath, and looked down. Raven has long, wavy black hair with purple streaks tied into a single braid at the back, and parted at the top to back room for her spiky tiara.

who is raven queens dad

Raven shook her head. The Story of a Rebel " Raven Queen is a 2013-introduced and all-around character.

Raven Queen's Story

She makes her way to the dining room for her last meal at home that summer, all the while worrying about this year's significance. Now, what were you saying? Raven answers as positively as she can, much to her mother's delight. She is 15 years old.

who is raven queens dad

Sign in to see the full collection. Raven wears a purple nighty and purple night gown. Add a card Contact support Cancel.

who is raven queens dad

She sometimes adds shades of pink. Rebel's Got Talent outfit.

Ever After High--The Secret Diary of Raven Queen

Her mother the Evil Queen, tricked Raven into giving it a "special potion", it being a transformation potion. And an enchanted umbrella.

who is raven queens dad

They nodded to her as she opened the door.