When you feel life is boring

I remember vaguely making a deal with myself that once I had turned 16 and left school more specifically, the moment I stepped out of school on the last day it would be the beginning of my new life.

10 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Your Life Is So Boring Right Now

Write up one dream per day. And the one place I know I need to make the effort, playing with my kids, I find really hard to do. It comes with a CD and is based on a 6 or is it 8? That's what raising kids has been all about--helping them be happy.


I hate feeling this way but cant force myself to change. I know it was 2 years ago and I hope things have resolved. I've tried jogging, cycling, nature photography, writing, yoga, meditation, walking, and golf.

when you feel life is boring

The main point is that you're deeply alive and in touch with what is right for you. I believe we choose to stay in our depression somewhat, and I believe I've stayed here so long to understand it so that I can help others.

He has also been a massive part of my personal growth. Here are 13 reasons why you may be bored in life:. I consider myself extrovert person bcos from the outside, no one is gonna suspect ive the same feeling as you are. I let go of my shyness by knowing.

How Come My Generation Is So Bored With Life?

Gardening, large dinners with other families, sharing hobbies. I zone out often, I'm always the friend asking what the conversation is about halfway through it.

when you feel life is boring

I am fat and unmotivated! Group 4 Created with Sketch. Just do do not ask yourself and do it. It will also make sex not feel as good and lowers your self esteem. What would you be more passionate about? Give yourself worthwhile goals and plan how to go about accomplishing them. Pick up a new sport or hobby. Everything passes, so why bother? But my medication does help stimulate my brain and allows me to be productive with a more appropriate amount of physical energy thereby leaving me energy to do more.

Maybe do some volunteering or find some crazy new friends. Follow Us. I've been struggling with a similar feeling for about 3 years now, although not feeling as bad as you described here.

when you feel life is boring