What is a press check pistol

Gun Safety Operation Check

Man up and act like a professional gun handler. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For painfully obvious reasons, knowing the condition whether there is a round in the chamber or not of your firearm is important.

I damn sure do.

Press Check: Know Your Firearm’s Status

After the verification, be sure to let the slide go forward with unimpeded force to ensure that the gun goes fully back into battery. Posted by Salvatore, March 6, 2017. Take a look and see what side the top round of the magazine is on, load the stick, remove magazine to confirm that the round moved sides, indicative of a good load. This is because I know the status of the gun has not changed in the duration in which the gun was off my body, never even leaving the holster.

what is a press check pistol

Be sure to keep your support hand clear of the muzzle during this entire procedure. For example, I often utilize a holster that allows me to rapidly remove the entire holstered gun from my belt via belt clips. Salvatore actively trains and refines his own skills and understanding of the defensive handgun and strives to share his experience with the growing community of concealed carriers who take their own self-defense seriously.

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There are a few usual suspects. For those that handle their firearms more often, whether that be for carry or training purposes hopefully both checking the status of the gun becomes paramount. It is critical to ensure that the slide is fully forward and that the gun is fully in battery after doing the press check.

what is a press check pistol

What does EDC mean? It's an especially popular modification for tactically optimized pistols or option on tactical models of various handguns. As part of range training, we usually conduct a range safety briefing. While simple enough in principle, there is considerable controversy regarding when this task should be conducted.

Why You Really Should Be Conducting a Press Check

The math is simple. Understanding that semantics are involved, my No. The answer is simply dependent on the habits of the gun owner. If you are wearing it, it is loaded. For instance, when going to the gym, it may be on the seat next to me, in the open.

what is a press check pistol

Do you carry a gun in your vehicle? Matthew Maruster December 14, 2017 at 9: