Tower glitch get anywhere

It's frustrating bc you can wait over 10mins on a black screen and just hear tower audio. Such a joke.

tower glitch get anywhere

Try to travel back to tower and end up in a black screen with no way out except to shutdown Destiny 2. This just started happening for me today on PC.

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Land Placement Anywhere Glitch

I can go to the menu and it's all normal in the menu, but then it's just a black screen. Always works for me. It is just coincidence that it works at that time. Log back in.

tower glitch get anywhere

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When I stayed out of the menu, it significantly reduced the occurrence, if not removed it completely. Wait for the loading icon to disappear and do it again. Are you ending up going into your menu during travel to the Tower? No, I've tried fast travel for upwards of 15 minutes, upwards of 50-60 times, this doesn't always work. I've mostly been playing a hunter since launch but played a warlock a few days after launch.

Sometimes I have to wait as long as three minutes before the picture shows. Some strikes you have stuff to kill at launch, while others you stand there and dance until the rest of your fireteam spawns.

tower glitch get anywhere

It used to crash back to the home screen for the first few months so this is much better then that. Does your start menu work and is there sound? Had it today for the first time where it just stayed black. I just wait or restart the game.

tower glitch get anywhere

All rights reserved. I can hear the music but the screen is just stuck black. Seemed to work. I literally cannot go to the tower.

tower glitch get anywhere

Original Xbox One owner here. Reloaded the game; no joy. Pretty sure it has to do with the server-specific instance of that Tower getting traffic jammed and basically being put into a queue. I've never had that fail to successfully load the tower after that.