Rift macros how do they work

So it will cast Power Strike.

Useful for say: The last piece, the script, can consist of 25 lines. Post a comment! To elaborate on lightinthedark, basically it's a secondary target to keep an eye on. Table of Contents.

rift macros how do they work

What happens is the first command tells the game, if something doesn't work, we don't need to know about it. When you start a fight you won't be able to since RW is a reactive ability.

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The Macro Editor There are two ways to open the macro window. When you select a macro slot you will see the macro editor in the bottom of the screen.

rift macros how do they work

As you can see I use a combination of the two with a section for targeting added in. It therefore runs the command through a different internal part and runs whatever the command may be.

Rift Macro Guide V2

Their target frame will always be visable. Below that is where the extra macro text goes, Up until this point we have just been labeling categories. A Beginner's Guide to Macros self. Again, all but the last have cooldowns. We press the following macro:.

rift macros how do they work

You may be surprised at how much targeting and putting these in macros actually occurs in this game, and I find it helpful to separate the two. This is because of how text entries work in normal text entry. Macros can do a lot of things, such as set targets, set focuses, marks.