Purina game fish chow distributors

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purina game fish chow distributors

My dealer in Vandalia IL Michels feed and produce goes out of his way to make sure I get my feed on times. Today's Birthdays. Both could order what I needed, but the enormous wait time, coupled with frequent shortages and inconsistent product, finally became too much to bear. Newest Members.

purina game fish chow distributors

Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Do any of you have this much trouble buying Purina Products?

50 lb. Purina Game Fish Chow

When I was feeding AQ I sourced it from two different dealers. North Crest Farm. Who's Online. View posts.

purina game fish chow distributors

If anyone who works for Purina sees this.... Thank you all for the responses.

purina game fish chow distributors

Outlawing guns will make a lot of us down here in the South Outlaws and proud of it Tracy. Previous Topic Index Next Topic. Your local Purina dealer should be able to order it on their regular delivery. For a company who makes such good stuff, they have a substantial breakdown in their communications to and from end users.

My seed and feed store will order whatever he can for me. I will try again. Hop to: Max Online: Habitatpro Lunker Registered: My New Pond Renovation by lmoore Today at 04: View homepage.

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