Lovelitchi happy symbols what makes

In the afternoon, she became Shigurehimetchi. In episode 95 of Tamagotchi! Then we used Henshin Jo, and because she has a sparkly scrunchie, she was able to becom Tamamoriritchi!

lovelitchi happy symbols what makes

The other Tama Happy Symbols. But then I fed her some tiramisu and she got really mad at me.

lovelitchi happy symbols what makes

Shutotchi---fish and chips, afro wig, and the sport car. Afterwards, you go back home and when you open your stats icon, there is a third screen that says to change your icons. She can get very shy and nervous of herself at times since she has so many fans. Andromeda and Anton!


She greatly admires Hitomitchi and at first was worried that she was "better" than her and tried to change her idol style to become good enough. Her best Tama-Friend is Melodytchi , who she makes popular songs with. She got her first happy symbol, the princess dress, and then went outside. Saturday, September 22, 2012. I neglected her a bit near the end of her baby stage, and when I came back to her, I found her very ill, but nicely evolved into Paletchi.

And the girl, is using that symbol a lot. Maybe Sami will change clothes.

Lovelitchi happy symbols

Bokutchi---school hat, steak, and the sport car. The different preferred items for different characters include clothes, toys, and food. Our second event is another romance... At least the alt and whatever number.

lovelitchi happy symbols what makes

We hence began our search for happy symbols. History Talk 0 This page is for all characters that appear on the Tamagotchi 4U. Luckily, I was holding my camera and was able to catch a picture if a bit blurry of Sami getting her 2nd happy symbol. As a result, when Lovelitchi moved to Tamagotchi Town, she decided to keep her identity as Lovelin a secret so that nobody at her new school would bully her.

Guriguritchi---palette, bread, and the feather hat.