How to wear white thigh high socks

These things are slipping.

How to Wear Over-the-Knee Socks: 6 Styling Tips

Switch up the look of your high boots with a hint of sock peeking out the top. If you want to make your look a little more sophisticated, gravitate toward structured garments. Keep the color of the socks relatively dark and basic, though, and avoid socks that have both texture and pattern.

how to wear white thigh high socks

Patterned thigh high socks are difficult to coordinate, but as long as the pattern is classy and the rest of the outfit is relatively muted, you might be able to make them work.

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how to wear white thigh high socks

I live in Seattle, So everyone pretty much always wears plaid all the time. Since most thigh high socks have a slimming effect, they tend to be especially great for women with short legs or wide calves.

It reminds me of a shirt I had as a teenager with a mouth, and the tung was pierced with a rhinestone. A funky sweater and some ankle-strap flats will have you looking Woodstock ready in no time.

How to Wear Thigh Highs: The Peony and Moss Guide

Chrissy's Socks 23205 Gratiot Ave. Flirty and Fun: Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news, competitions and offers. Edit Related wikiHows. It does look cool sometimes, especially with shorts. Patterned tights are a good choice if you want to make your outfit cute or whimsical. A boho inspired outfit is here! For instance, if you wear the socks with denim shorts, casual khaki shorts, or patterned shorts, you'll likely create a fairly laid back look. Why not try a combination of a pair of short-shorts and an oversized knit with your thigh-highs?

how to wear white thigh high socks

My own pair is actually cropped, so this is a great way to wear them through the winter.. Accessorize in moderation. Slip on skinny jeans.

how to wear white thigh high socks

Keep your strap less tops in place, create a fake hem, smooth a lapel or get rid of button gaps on a woo llen cardigan. Under Boots Forget wearing a daggy, mismatched pair of cartoon themed socks under your boots because you think "no-one will see them". I like that the bag also has a pretty floral print so they kinda go together. How To Wear.

how to wear white thigh high socks