How to spread horse manure

The cart can efficiently transport material to areas more remote from the stable. We use fecal egg counts instead of routine worming another subject, but it is really what people should be doing in order to decrease the incidence of drug resistant parasites.

How to Control Horse Manure Piles

Stable Management. If you don't have a natural ditch or low spot, bring in a bulldozer or backhoe and create one, keeping in mind that you don't want to fill up or block naturally beneficial drainage areas.

Finished compost is partially degraded manure and is more organically stable, presenting less of a pollution threat. Do not store manure in paddocks due to increased parasite exposure for the horses.

how to spread horse manure

People also need to use caution and check regulations for manure storage before doing it, though especially regarding run-off. Divert any surface drainage water and runoff from nearby roofs away from the pile area.

Livestock and poultry manure is a valuable fertilizer for crop and pasture production. Fertilizers and pesticides and their containers sometimes have disposal restrictions. Not all piles will have leachate; in fact, proper management can avoid leachate formation.

Solve the Horse Manure Pile Problem

The service will help you determine how large a container you need and where to place it. Have a Question?

A complete manure management system involves collection, storage temporary or long term , and disposal or utilization. So having good grass pastures is important, big money saving feature, because feeding good grazing is better health-wise, economical, than buying hay for those months. Properties for Sale. I had 7 acres and now have 5 with 3 paddocks which I rotate so each field can "rest". Eileen E.

Manure should not be spread where and when there is any risk for water pollution, such as near streams, ponds, wells or other waterbodies. If you rent a dumpster, the cost can be high, depending upon the area of country in which you live.

Figure 13. Minimize the amount of bedding you use. Time spent planning for proper and easy manure disposal will pay back in many more hours spent enjoying the horses through decreased time and effort in stall cleaning and manure disposal chores.

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how to spread horse manure

And because horse manure is a source of nutrients for plants, it can be a valuable resource. Construction features are shown in Figure 10. Passive aeration requires no manual labor.

how to spread horse manure

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