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In the Archipelago area live 25 species of mammals, the most common ones being small rodents.

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Diet The white-tailed eagle feeds its young with fish, gradually adding gull chicks and ducklings to the diet, occasionally also small mammals, such as muskrats and American minks. Ponlos en una lista. Los hombres son visuales, las mujeres somos auditivas.

cuestionario de amigos para whatsapp animados

There are 132 breeding bird species in the Archipelago. Republic of Singapore English. Register Sign In.

Natural Features of Archipelago National Park

Thanks to winter feeding, the white-tailed eagle population is now stronger than it has been for several decades. The Middle Lace Border Scopula decorata is a rare moth which lives on the dry meadows.

Taking care of nature.

cuestionario de amigos para whatsapp animados

Ambos son fronteras inexploradas para la humanidad. Although the park for most part consists of bare and rocky outer islands, calciferous soils nourished by shell remains and deposits of limestone can support luxuriant groves between the rocks.

cuestionario de amigos para whatsapp animados

Around dry pasture meadows grow the Bloody Cranesbill Geranium sanguineum and the Swallowwort Vincetoxcium hirundinaria. Gulls Larus , arctic terns Sterna paradisaea , eiders Somateria molissima , razorbills Alca torda and black guillemots Gepphus grylle nest on small bird islets. Archipelago Menu.


It can use the same nest for several years, so the nest gradually turns into a huge edifice of sticks that can weigh as much as a small car — almost a thousand kilogrammes.

Even in this millennium, hatred for predators is expressed through killing white-tailed eagles and not letting them nest in peace. Among the red algae, there are other algae too, especially brown algae Phaeophyta.

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Thick canopies of golden sea hair Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus and Stictyosiphon tortilis grow on the surface of rocks and bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus in late summer. A dry meadow usually has a rich set of grass species. Esta es de las preguntas para hacerle a un mejor amigo con las que hay que tener cuidado para no herir susceptibilidades.

cuestionario de amigos para whatsapp animados

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